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A game originally made for the GMTK Jam 2018. The theme was about making a game of a certain genre but removing a common mechanic of this genre. We  came with a Card Game without Deck.

We had a lot of fun doing this, but it turns out we didn't manage to finish what we wanted to do at the beginning. 

How to Play :

Fight enemies by playing cards from your hands. Each time you play a card, the enemy acts and you swap to the next hand. Be careful - if you run out of cards in any hand, you'll lose! The only way to replenish cards is by getting them as loot from enemies - you don't have a deck.

Credits : 

Anton Kolesnikov aka JackR1p, Russia : Writing, Game Design

Ilya Semyonov aka Urist McDorf, Russia : Programming, Game Design

Benoit Deneaux aka MiracL,  France : Programming

Ashwalker: Programming

SpoilThatSong : Sound Design, Composer

Arthur : Art


Radiation_Nitro 32 MB

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