A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Game made for the LudumDare 41 "Combine 2 Incompatible Genres"

Our Genres : Rogue-like + Dating Sim

Chat with funny monsters to provoke them into Duel

Match with your perfect opponent to get a chance to chat with them and convince them that you’re worth to fight with them.

Suggested Resolution : 1680x1050

How to Play

What to do

First, you’ll have to choose the opponent you wanna fight with by checking their reputation. Next, a chat window will appear and you have to convince your opponent that you are worthy to meet them. At last, you have determine the strength and weakness of your opponent to defeat it by using your attacks.


Just Swipe your way through the game with a mouse.

During the Matching Phase, you can Swipe LEFT to get a new opponent (but you will lose some Reputation) and Swipe RIGHT to match with the chosen opponent.

During the Chat Phase, choose your answer by clicking on the buttons.

During the Fight Phase, Swipe LEFT to Defend and RIGHT to use the selected Attack.


We are all Game Design students so we thought about this concept all together.

Benoit DeneauxGame Design, Programming
Charlotte FriesGame Design, Programming
Paul LyaudetGame Design, Lead Prog, Game Art, Animation
Léonard SavioGame Design, Narrative, UI Designer
Quentin DelmasGame Design, Game Balance


MWM 0.1.4 DebugPostDeadLine.zip 23 MB
MWM 0.1.0.zip 23 MB
MWM_mac.app.zip 25 MB

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