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Destroy ugly gobelins to protect the arena’s jewel !

Defeat waves of gobelins in an Arena, collect unique items, and protect the arena’s jewel at the risk of your life. Every weapon or piece of armor you found has a positive but also a negative effect !


Stug is a famous archaeologist. One day, during one of his expeditions, he discovered the mythical gobelin’s crystal. At the moment he touched the crystal, a mysterious arena appeared and Stug was plunged in. Unfortunately, the gobelin’s horde is coming up and want to get their artefact back. You embody the archaeologist and try to keep you and the crystal alive.

How to Play

What to do

You must protect the Jewel, and survive as longer as possible in the arena by killing waves of Gobelins. After every wave, you will regenerate your life and be able to choose between 2 random items which give you one good effect (ex: more damages) and one bad effect (ex: reverse control). You will find lot of items with different rarity : from common (Grey) to Legendary (Gold).


You must use a controller to play this game.


Left JoystickMove player
LBEquip item
RBGo next stage


We are all Game Design students so we thought about this concept all together.

Thomas Rousseau
Game Design, Programming
Paul Lyaudet
Game Design, Programming
Benoit Deneaux
Game Design, Lead Prog, Game Balance
Vincent Sosthène
Game Design, Lead Art, UI Designer
Charlie Morel
Game Design, Game Artist, Composer
Charlotte Fries
Game Design, Game Artist, UI Artist


DoubleEdgedArenaGame.zip 70 MB

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