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Blasé is a game for the purpose of the Ludum Dare 43. 

Blasé is a point&click serious game about someone living in a routine while nothing in the life seems to be bad for this person. 

The game is playable with the mouse. 

We tried to design our game based on the "routine" and the feeling of "indifference". Everything on the game (from the music, the mechanics or the narration) has for pillar "Blasé". 

You have to click on bubble to advance in the routine of the character. Some changes will interupt the routine. But, do "big changes" have to be linked to "good" or "bad". Play the game and you will see ! 

We are two students in Game Design from Bellecour Ecole in Lyon, France. 

Benoit Deneaux : Sound Designer and Programming

Léonard Savio : Narration.

Hope you will like our game ! 


Blasé_01.zip 31 MB

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