Neko-sama stole Akita-kun's bowl. It is the straw that broke the camel's back !

Akita-kun decide to fight for his food, but Neko-sama has not yet said his last word !
An epic fight between the two starts.
Will Akita-kun succeed over his sworn enemy ?

Play Akita-kun and overcome Neko-sama in an Epic Boss Fight game in two phases ! Throw biscuits and bonerang to floor him. Dodge his attacks and respond with an Awesome Special Attack !

WASD to move

SPACE to jump

I to shoot biscuits

O to throw the bonerang

P to use your special attack

This game has been made for the purpose of the first Extra Credits Game Jam by Benoit DENEAUX, Paul LYAUDET and Léonard SAVIO (3 students in Game Design in Bellecour Ecole (Lyon, France)).

The Art has been made by Marie-Bérenice FORSANS. 

The game is hard so good luck guys !

 Hope you will have some fun !

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsSticks & Stones Studio, Paul.Ly, Benoit Deneaux
Made withUnity
Tagsakita, boss-fight, chibi, extra-credits-jam, neko


Akita_VS_neko_1.1 28 MB


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It was super hard to defeat Mecha-Neko but I won! Congratz on the game guys! :D

Great to hear that you did it ! Thanks for playing !